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Often when investigating railroad accidents or safety-related issues, you need information on only a very specific topic, and you need it fast.  To get you the information you need quickly, IWT is pleased to offer our Electronic Document Delivery service!

To order, copy down the Document Number of the documents you would like to order from the categories below, then call

1-800-473-2476 (from the U.S. or Canada)

315-424-2500 (from outside the U.S. or Canada)

with your credit card information.  The documents you requested will be e-mailed to you in Adobe Acrobat format, often within minutes of your order!


  • No shipping, handling, or rush charges

  • Immediate delivery - no waiting days or weeks for your documents to arrive

  • Less expensive than ordering documents through the National Technical Information Service

  • Most IWT documents appear no where else in electronic format


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